The Most important EU Laws For Dropshipping

by admin May 13, 2018

The laws in Europe (EU) are a little different than the laws in the USA. In this article, you will see what are the most important laws from Europe for dropshipping.

It’s very important to follow the laws because EU is very strict when the rights of the consumers are violated.

Here you have a short summary of the EU laws for internet commerce:

The webshop rules

  • Contract Information/Terms and conditions:
    Before the customer will buy something you have to provide the needed information about the product…

    • The main product characteristics
      See an example
    • The price inclusive of all taxes
      See an example
      Price VAT exclusive (item name e.g. T-shirt) $100 VAT rate 16% $16 VAT inclusive $116 total to be paid
    • Shipping costs – additional charges (if applicable).
    • The seller identityaddress and phone number.
  • The cookies law:
    You have to announce the people who are visiting your site about the cookies that the site is using.
  • The shipping period:
    First, you have to announce the customer about the shipping time and second, the European Union obligate you to send the product to the customer within the 30 days maximum.
  • The cancel and return law:
    This means that the customer has the right to cancel or return the product within the 14 days.

The import rules

This is applicable only if you import products from countries that are not in EU zone (China, USA, India…).

  • Customs duty:
    You have to pay an extra tax for imported the product. It depends on the product category how much you pay.
    The customs value is made up of:
    the price paid for the goods, the insurance cost, the shipping cost.
    import tax calculator - eu laws
    Click here to calculate the tax of your product


  • CE Marking:
    This CE certificate shows that the products are safe for the consumer.
    It looks like…



Disclaimer: this is not an official website of European Union, to see the original content about the laws visit the official website for EU Laws.

Click here to see the website.

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